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Hard Core Operation to Protect the Interests of Customers During COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Sime Darby Logistics division deployed its Weifang port and Jining ports to issue various precautionary measures to prevent and control the epidemic and made every effort to guarantee the water transportation channels for hinterland enterprises and the health and safety of employees.

On the evening of Feb 12, 2020, the vessel "African eagle" left the west operation area of Weifang Sime Darby port with 12,000 tons of calcined coke. The loading of this shipment lasted for 52 hours, which saved 1/3 of the time than usual. It broke the single-vessel work efficiency record.

The cargo was urgently needed by Sinoway Carbon Co., Ltd.’s customer in Saudi Arabia. If the cargo cannot be delivered on time, it will lead to high compensation for breach of contract and affect subsequent business cooperation. Therefore, Sinoway sent an urgent letter to the port, hoping for assistance.

Weifang Sime Darby port, in view of the shortage of labor force caused by the epidemic, urgently deployed the resources of the east and west operation areas to seize time, ensure efficiency and safety, and ensure the smooth operation of the vessel. Sinoway was satisfied with the efficient operation of the port and sent an appreciation letter, also arranged to ship another 15,000 tons of calcined coke from the port to the Middle East.

After operations had resumed at Jining Sime Darby Port during COVID-19 outbreak, one of the port’s customers had 2,500 tons of Petroleum coke waiting to be unloaded urgently. However, due to the travel restrictions during the outbreak, the customer could not come to the port to oversee the unloading. Jining Sime Darby Port come up with a solution which was to provide live webcast the unloading process. This became the first success of an innovative service model during the outbreak and was praised by customer.

"Customer first" and "take the initiative" are the cultural concepts that Sime Darby believes in. Under the epidemic, it is our top priority to develop a set of "special" services and "hardcore" services for customers with innovation and emergency response.

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