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1. ESH Manager



1. Bachelor’s degree or above, major in safety/environment or related field;

2. At least 3-5 years working experience in safety management in medium and large company;

3. Proficient in English writing/communication.


Job Description:

Ensure all the companies within Division operate in accordance with Group ESH policy.

Ensure all the companies within Division operate in accordance with local laws and regulations.


·          Assist companies within Division to establish ESH system;

·          Track and implement Division’s KPI as required by Group;

·          Communicate with related governmental departments;

·          Responsible for safety risk assessment of the Division

    to reduce safety risk in companies’ operation;

·          Establish and ensure emergency management system;

·          Assist companies to set up fire protection system

    and manage the system;

·           Establish special equipment management system to ensure

    compliance with group and local regulations;

·           Establish chemical product management system, compliance with

    the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations;

·           Establish an accident investigation and handling system,

    meet the requirements of the country and the group;

·           Responsible for communication and delivery of ESH information;

·           Manage the occupational health system of the Division;

·           Other ESH matters of the company.


2. Manager-Finance


Location: Binhai District, Weifang, Shandong









1. Bachelor degree or above

2. At least 5 years working experience in Finance field (with 2 years managerial experience).

3. Experience in SAP/ BPC

4. Good in English (at least level 6) will be a plus.


Job Responsibilities:

To ensure the JVs finance matters are performed according to the China laws & regulations, Group and Divisional requirement. At the same time, work together with the entities management to ensure the controls are in order and enhance existing process to achieve cost savings.


Responsible for the JVs statutory reporting and compliance functions, including local laws and regulations in areas of corporate compliance, accounting standards, taxes, statutory reporting/ filing and corporate governance for RHQ.

Other than the SFM roles, he/ she will become the Finance Manager in Weifang Port Service Co Ltd as Sime Darbys representative.

Ensure accurate and timely submission of financial reports to Divisional Finance.

Prepare cash flow projections with an analysis of the variance between actual and forecast and variances between current and previous quarter. Also he/ she needs to secure adequate funding for operation and expansion.

Direct report to the HOF and supports the GMs/ HODs with ad-hoc exercises including specific business proposals, special projects, growth initiatives, etc.

Communicate with external and internal auditors on issues raised.

Communicate with banker on loan matters and banking services.

Perform other duties as directed that are reasonable within individual abilities and functional scope.


Key Operations

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